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CCG will hold 2 speaches at Composites 2012 in Las Vegas. 1. Resin Vaporization in Vacuum Infusion, 2. Vacuum Infusion Processing Problems and Solutions

22 February 2012
1. Resin Vaporization in Vacuum Infusion – James Jones
Vacuum infusion is commonly used to mold high performance composite structures. As the name implies, vacuum is an integral part of the process used to fill a dry preform with resin. The resin, being a liquid, has a boiling point that depends on temperature and pressure. Lower pressures correspond with lower boiling points.  If resin vaporizes during the infusion process, voids and porosity can develop, which are not desirable when performance counts. This session explores the science of infusion and resin vaporization to help fabricators infuse high performance parts.
2. Vacuum Infusion Processing Problems and Solutions – Belle Blanding
Vacuum infusion processing has become more common in composite molding.  This process has helped improve quality and environmental issues associated with open molding. However, fabricators using vacuum infusion processing are faced with a new set of molding issues. These issues include; cosmetics print problems, blistering, and deformation of the final part. There are several causes for these problems, but they are often misdiagnosed. This presentation will address problems that can occur when using vacuum infusion processing. We will investigate how to identify their causes, and explain the solutions to prevent them.

New CCG Engineering Partner in Italy

16 February 2012

CCG has signed a new partner agreement in Italy with Giuseppe Coccia. Mr. Coccia has a PhD in Production Processes Automation, and is well known in the composite industry in Italy. We are looking forward to a great collaboration with Mr. Coccia.

Composite Infusion Training in Sweden 12-16 of March

14 February 2012

We are happy to invite everybody to our highly appreciated Composite Infusion Training in Sweden 12-16 of March. The training is divided in two levels and it is possible to only attend the first level or the second if one has proper basic knowledge in composites.

CCG have performed the CIT training in Sweden since 2009 with great success and very positive feedback from the participants. CIT is a hands-on workshop where everybody have to work together to get to know the composite materials and processes as well as each other. We combine the practical sessions with theoretical lectures on for instance; Advanced infusion theory, Vacuum integrity of molds and equipment, infusion strategies, vacuum bag strategies and process management. This training suits everybody from normal “worker” to process engineer or executive that want to understand the process better.

Please contact Andreas Forsberg for more info at +46 430 14739, or

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