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CCG will present following papers at 10th International Conference on Sandwich Structures

24 August 2012

Optimization of Large Composite Structures Using Vacuum Infusion Simulation – Monday, 27 August

Sandwich composites play a crucial role in large, high performance structures in many markets such as wind energy, marine, aerospace and transportation. Vacuum infusion processing is widely used to
mold these structures due to it range of production benefits, cost and environmental advantages to manufacturers. Resin infusion has a significant cost advantage compared to autoclave or vacuum bag pre preg molding due to the lower material, energy, tooling and labor costs associated with pre-preg molding. However, resin infusion processing can be quite difficult to execute properly for large, complex composite structures without a method for predicting resin flow. Process development using trial and error techniques is much too risky for these structures. Numerical simulation of the infusion process, along with the correct selection of materials and configurations, is a valuable tool to aid engineers in the design and prototyping phase to reduce development costs and manage risks in modem composite production.

Core Material Properties Influence on the Buckling Behavior of a Sandwich Structure – Wednesday 29 August
The reason for using core material (sandwich technology) in rotor blade applications is mainly to prevent buckling [1], [2]. The core material does not directly contribute to the global bending behavior or stiffness of the blade. The intention with the paper is to give an overview of methods to predict buckling loads and buckling modes of a sandwich structures both analytical- and numerical methods. Further initial findings from a recently started project where one aim is to evaluate numerical methods for buckling prediction, will be presented.

CCG seminars at IBEX 2012

24 August 2012
CCG will hold the following seminars at IBEX 2012:

Invitation to Pre-conference workshop at IBEX 2012

24 August 2012

Dean Callander has recently been recognized by ACMA as a Certified Composites Technician – Vacuum Infusion Processing (CCT-VIP)

02 August 2012

We are proud to announce that Dean Callander has recently been recognized by the American Composites Manufacturing Association (ACMA) as a Certified Composites Technician – Vacuum Infusion Processing (CCT-VIP).

Becoming a CCT-VIP requires industry composites experience and proof of in-depth composites knowledge through a written examination. The Vacuum Infusion Processing specialty requires specific knowledge of the concepts and practice of vacuum infusion. The exam covers 10 areas of study related to composites and infusion.

For more information on the ACMA CCT program, visit

Please join me in congratulating Dean on an excellent job.