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JEC 2013 Award ceremony for CCG

25 June 2013


Logo Award Winner White

Today 25th of June, Composites Consulting Group, represented by Asia region manager Todd Henry, received the JEC 2013 Innovation award. CCG along with partners, UES Malaysia (Composite Military vessel builder) and Vee-Tek Australia Epoxy manufacturing company,  has developed an infusible epoxy resin of high strength properties and with excellent FST capability to be used in Various composites projects, such as Civil , Marine, Industrial and Transport application.


CCG worked with both partners to test and evaluate, as well as developed the process for the infusion of the vessels. The infusion uses 3D infusion* to integrate all the Stiffener arrangements in the one step infusion process.

4 large 49 ft fast interceptors of 60 knots speed have been build using the resin systems and continuous improvement and testing of the FST properties has been ongoing to date.

We see that, due to recent fires on commercial vessels and the regulations related to some building codes, Composite vessels where less accepted in the market due to pole thinking they posed a larger risk to fire hazards. But with this development it can aid the sales of these vessels and give advantages of Aluminum and steel offerings. We also see we can now approach other areas in the future in the IMO or Solas categories.

It will also give us a product we can work with for Facade cladding projects that is highly cost effective and suitable with DIAB cores and advanced processing such as RTM and Infusion process.

Test results and data sheets of the epoxy resin and Surface coating (Gelocat/ topcoat) will be available after the latest testing performed by a German independent Lab for FST testing.


*3D infusion is developed by CCG and makes it possible to integrate stiffeners etc in one process instead of gluing stiffeners afterwards. By doing this one will save time, material and get a better structural integration.