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CCG Australia engineers a composite bridge

18 March 2014

CCG Australia has engineered a 21 m composite bridge for Gosnell Council in Western Australia. The 21-meter span bridge was architecturally designed by Capital House Australasia. The builder Swarbrick and Swarbrick Yachts, contracted Composites Consulting Group, CCG, to engineer its construction. The structure is a hollow, U-shaped box, made up e-glass skins over structural cores infused with fire retardant vinylester resin.  Carbon capping tapes running the length of the bridge add the strength and stiffness required of the long bridge span. The bridge is also engineered to resist various flooding related load.

Gosnell Bridge

The lightweight bridge made it easily transported and installed, craned into position in one piece. The bridge’s pier-free span also ensured that there is no impact on natural river flows and the riverbed.

For more information please contact Todd Henry, manager CCG Asia, email:

CCG and DIAB Host Composites in Texas Seminar

17 March 2014

On March 11 and 12, the  “Composites in Texas” seminar was held at the CCG/DIAB facility in DeSoto, Texas. The seminar is part of the Composites One Closed Mold Alliance Closed Mold University seminar series.  The focus was advanced materials and manufacturing using intermediate closed mold and out-of-autoclave processes. The one and a half day course covered topics such as infused tooling, resin flow simulation, laminate materials for closed molding, out of oven / out of autoclave resin options, light RTM, closed cavity bag molding, reusable silicone bags, thermoforming core materials, and pre-preg reinforcements. Speakers and demonstrations were conducted by representatives from composites companies including 3M, Airtech, Axson, CCP Composites, Chemtrend, Composites Consulting Group, Composites One, DIAB, Hexcel, MVP, Owens Corning, RTM North, Scott Bader, United Initiators, and Vectorply. A special guest speaker from Lockheed Martin presented on “How to do Business with Lockheed Martin“. 

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New member of CCG in Spain!

03 March 2014

We would like to welcome our newest CCG employe – Jose Cristo. Jose has a very broad experience in composite. He has great process knowledge, especially in Light RTM and Vacuum infusion, but also experience from design and engineering of composite products. Jose will be CCGs first engineer in Spain.