About us

Composites Consulting Group consists of mechanical and process engineers, material scientists, naval architects and composite technicians with long term experience from various industries. Our consultants have extraordinary competence in different areas and are key in developing and delivering the most ‘value adding’ offer in the composite industry.

The CCG team focuses on design and engineering details for composite projects. We have expertise with everything from conceptual design to 3D solid modeling, finite element analysis and mechanical testing of composite structures. In addition to engineering, we are well versed in composite manufacturing so that our designs are efficient to implement on the factory floor. Our combined experience is unrivalled in the industry.

CCG’s process engineers, specialists and technicians bring composite designs to life. We design and analyze manufacturing processes for specific parts, provide training to factory personnel around the world, and research the latest advancements in the industry. CCG process consultants routinely work with applications using contact molding, vacuum infusion, RTM and RTM Light, pre-pregs, pultrusion and filament winding among others. Our consultants are among the best in the world, with a successful history of building composite parts of all shapes and sizes, across many different markets and applications.

Our consultants are involved with industry associations throughout the world including: ABS, ACMA, ASTM, BV, DNV/GL, ISO, MIL-HBK 17, RINA, and SAMPE.