Senior Consultants


Todd Henry

todd_henry_2_309x170He is the Asia Region Manager of Composite Consulting Group; Todd’s region has offices in Australia, China, India, Singapore, Thailand. The focus is on having consultants and services close to our client base and markets.

Todd began has more than 30 years in the composites industry as a builder, in product development, in sales and in engineering consulting.

Todd Henry trained in Australia as Shipwright in 1984, after completing his Apprenticeship in the construction of tradition built vessels he went on the work in two major overseas projects in Asia building state of the art racing boats, one which was for the supply of racing boats for the Seoul Olympic Games in 1988. He has built many vessels from small light weight racing craft such as rowing shells to Ocean racing yachts for some of the most prestige’s races in the world. He has spent many years working in composites developing his skills in the use of advanced composite materials and processes of varying types during his career also be employed as Product manger and technical sales consultant for composite materials supply and manufacture companies where he was responsible for the development of epoxy resin systems and sales of all composite materials. After completing this roll, Todd Joined DIAB Group as Project Manager for DIAB Technologies in Australia. During this time he was instrumental in development of Asia’s emerging markets for composites and local Wind Blade manufactures in China developing core infusion processes and optimization through in house developed training programs, as well he has worked to develop several other programs and courses for clients in the Asia region in varying market sectors.  He has also worked on many projects in the industrial and civil fields. He is now situated in the region’s head office for CCG Asia, Australia.

James Jones

He is the Americas Region Manager of Composites Consulting Group, a leading provider of innovative product development services for composite fabricators in the marine, civil, aerospace, transportation and renewable energy markets. He has personally consulted with hundreds of companies, providing engineering, processing, testing and training services to develop lighter, stronger and more efficient composite structures. James holds Mechanical Engineering and Juris Doctor degrees from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas and is a Certified Composites Technician Instructor through the American Composites Manufacturing Association. In addition to hands-on research and consulting work, James has written several award winning technical publications and has been a featured speaker at conferences throughout North and South America. James has been involved with industry groups to advance the use of composites such as ACMA, ASTM, MIL-HBK 17 and SAMPE.


Carl-Johan Lindholm

carl-johan_lindholm_309x170Carl-Johan joined our team in Sweden in 2001. Carl-Johan has over the years published a number of papers in the composite field and has a Master of Science in lightweight structures from the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm. In his current position as senior Engineer he is responsible for structural design of composite and sandwich structures with FEA. Some reference objects; wind power nacelles and spinners, wave power buoys, axial fan blades, train fronts and floors and building façades.


Belle Blanding

Belle began working with composites more than 20 years ago, building mine hunting ships for the United States Navy. Through her work at Intermarine, Vacuum Infusion Group and DIAB Technologies, Belle has trained many composite fabricators on infusion and personally supervised the implementation of infusion programs for products from the 9/11 memorial on Staten Island to 155 foot mega yachts. Belle has been instrumental in developing the Composite Infusion Technology courses offered by Composites Consulting Group. She is involved in several professional organizations including the Society for the Advancement of Material and Process Engineering (SAMPE), Toastmasters International, and American Composites Manufacturing Association (ACMA), where she is a Certified Composite Technician Instructor. She is a regularly featured speaker at seminars and trade conferences on a variety of composite related topics.